Power and Control

Domestic Violence Is:  a pattern of emotional and/or physical behaviors by one partner to restrict the choices and freedoms of another.

Physical, verbal, or emotional-domestic violence is all about power and control.

Power and Control Wheel of Violence

If you would like a copy of the Power & Control wheel, please stop by Caring House and we would be happy to give you one.


Exciting News!!!

We now have an official volunteer coordinator on staff.  Her name is Jessica and she would love to hear from you.  Please consider volunteering.  Give her a call at 906-774-1337.

Our child/teen advocate, Tara, is busy working with youth and we are so happy she is with us.  She’s brought a new and fresh perspective to the position.   Even if you aren’t sure about your child coming in to see her, you are welcome to bring your concerns to her.  Call 906-774-1337.